General Medicine

Our general practitioners conduct an initial examination and make a diagnosis, or give a referral to the required doctor, as well as a referral for tests and medications.

Our general medicine practitioner (family doctor) is a specialist in allergies and immunology. Our doctor also works withchildren’s illness from 6 months old upwards.

Dr. Ekaterina Vavilova

Medical Doctor

Ekaterina Vavilova graduated with merit from the Siberian State University in Tomsk in 1999. In 2000 Ekaterina completed a specialization internship in “Breast Diseases”; at the Russian Medical Academy in Moscow. Dr. Vavilova is trained in ultrasound diagnostics and infrared heat diagnostics. From 2010 Ekaterina holds a Cyprus license of Medical Doctor.

Dr. Ekaterina Vavilova. Graduate from the Siberian State University of Tomsk and has the  License of Medical Doctor in Cyprus from 2010